Premium Wholesale Landscaping Products and Delivery


Landscape Supply Delivery

Delivering landscape products when and where you need them.

We will work closely with you to choose the best time and location for delivering your soil and mulch.


Flexible Delivery Services.

We strive to deliver the best customer service possible. That is why our landscape product delivery services are highly flexible in terms of time and location. No matter where you need your landscape materials delivered to, our dedicated team will work around your schedule, ensuring your materials are delivered precisely when and where you need them.

  • Works with your schedule
  • Delivery throughout the Lower Mainland and BC Interior
  • Highly trained and experienced drivers
  • Available for large quantities
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Benefits of Soil Delivery.

At VitaTerra, we understand that big shipments of landscape products require proper coordination to ensure that the products are delivered to the right location at the right time. We always take the time to work with you to determine the best time and location for your delivery. By working around your schedule, we can make sure that we are providing the best customer service possible.

Expect Consistent Results from Our Premium Quality Landscaping Products.