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About VitaTerra

We are all about quality & consistency when it comes to our products & services.

Landscape Supplies

At VitaTerra, we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers’ specific consulting, product delivery, and custom soil blend needs. That is why we always put our customers first by taking the time to really get to know you and your unique situation.

Soil Solutions.

VitaTerra’s core purpose is designing solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We offer soil solutions to our customers by providing a unique line of products that are tailored to the different applications and industries we serve. From custom soil blending, to our line of Pro-soils, we have the dependable, enduring products that consistently produce quality results that you can rely on.

Protecting our environment

We believe in the value of the organic movement and want to share our products and knowledge with you. Starting with organic elements not only makes what we grow healthier, but it also brings us closer to our roots and reduces our environmental footprint – the way nature intended. At our core we provide organic waste processing services, focusing on recycling and processing of organic waste to supply quality and organic products for landscaping, agriculture, biomass fuel and power generation.

Our Team.

From our customer service team to our experienced drivers, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality mulch and soil products in British Columbia.

Michelle VanReeuwyk Sales & Fulfillment Manager
Roxanne Sharma Customer Service

Our core values.

We have had the same core values ever since we first opened our doors.


We remain true to our roots by still providing the same quality preblended soil and mulch products that our customers love and depend on, but we have also grown to provide comprehensive consulting, product delivery, and custom soil blend options.


Our commitment to supporting each other through trust and respect allows us to have an open mind to other people’s thoughts and ideas. We understand the importance of teamwork and we believe in being accommodating and understanding to our coworkers, customers, and suppliers.


We strive to listen to people without judgement, to ask for feedback, and to turn negatives into positives whenever possible. We praise and pray for each other because we desire goodness and blessings for everyone.


We are forward thinking. We invest in people and equipment by hiring and purchasing, as well as by respecting the work/life balance of each individual.


While we take risks and are willing to be wrong, we only make informed changes with measured risks for the benefit of the company. We are willing to trust and we are openminded and ready to learn.

Family owned business since 1963.

VitaTerra is the products division of the Klassen Business Group which has been providing customers with high-quality products and services since 1963. When we first opened our doors as Valley Carriers, we focused on supplying farms with animal bedding but, over time, we realized the need for supplying landscape supplies to the community. Today, we offer a wide range of high-quality landscape products backed by comprehensive services and advice.


Expect Consistent Results from Our Premium Quality Landscaping Products.